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To meet the globalization challenges raising higher education quality to the world standard is essential. Bangladesh Govt. has taken initiatives to develop the quality of tertiary education. Govt. plans to prepare university graduates in such way that they can successfully compete in the context of international knowledge society.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education, with the assistance of the World Bank, has undertaken a Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP). The project aims at improving the quality of teaching-learning and research capabilities of the tertiary education institutions through encouraging both innovation and accountability and by enhancing the technical and institutional capacity of the higher education sector.

The University Grants Commission of Bangladesh is the implementing agency of the project. A HEQEP Unit has been established in UGC for implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of the activities.

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News & Events
National Workshop on HEQEP Achievements 2015

Post Doctoral Position, Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka

URLs of UGC Digital Library (UDL) publishers

Press Conference on Proposal Call for University-Industry Research Collaboration Subproject of HEQEP

Press Conference on Proposal Call for AIF 3rd round University -Industry Research Collaboration (Window-4)

11th Implementation Support Mission (09-20 March 2014)

Groundbreaking Initiative for Bangladeshi Universities

Raising the connectivity capacity for universities and research centers

Academic Innovation Fund makes great stride

8th Implementation Support Mission by WB concludes

Minister urges universities to create new knowledge

Need of self-assessment stressed to ensure quality higher education

UGC approves BdREN Trust Deed

Workshop/training programmes

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Tender & Procurement Notices
Invitation for Tender for supplying Furniture and Fixtures
(Last Date: 25/02/2016) (Last Time: 11:30 AM)

Invitation for Tender for Supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of lot 1: Micropipette and Multichannel Pipette, Electric balance, Fine Balance, pH meter, Autoclave, Water bath, oven, dry heat sterilizer, Incubators, Laminer Airflow and PCR Hood, Ice machine, Refrigerator and Air conditioner, lot 2: Fermenter, Simple Microscope & Fluorescence Microscope.
(Last Date: 23/02/2016) (Last Time: 02:00 PM)

Invitation for tender for Supplying of Laboratory Equipments and Instruments at Jessore University of Science and Technology
(Last Date: 16/02/2016) (Last Time: 01:00:00PM)

Invitation of Tenders for Procuring Motor Vehicle( with all accessories)
(Last Date: 14/02/2016) (Last Time: 2:00PM)

Invitation for tender for Supplying of Laboratory Equipment at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University
(Last Date: 11/02/2016) (Last Time: 12:00:00PM)

Invitation for tender for Supplying, Installation and Testing of Laboratory Equipment's for SSP Lab at Department of Physics, Jahangirnagar University
(Last Date: 07/02/2016) (Last Time: 11:45AM)

Invitation for tender for Supplying of Chemi-doc Imaging System at Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Jessore University of Science and Technology
(Last Date: 31/01/2016) (Last Time: 01:00:00PM)

Template of Curriculaum Vitae for Individual Consultant
(Last Date: 03/08/2015) (Last Time: 02:00:00PM)

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Six years of HEQEP: Tranforming Higher Education in Bangladesh
HEQEP Booklet published on the occassion of National Workshop
HEQEP Supplement-2015
Operations Manual for Innovation Fund (Second Edition)
Post-doctoral Position, Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka
HEQEP Academic Innovation Series
HEQEP Booklet
HEQEP Publications
Procurement Plan of HEQEP (version-2)
Draft Summary Report on Completed Sub-Projects of Round 1 (Window 1, 2 & 3) of HEQEP
Self- Assessment Manual of Quality Assurance Unit under HEQEP
Operations Manual for Innovation Fund for Window-4 Sub-projects
IQAC Financing Plan Financing
IQAC Budget Format
Institutional Quality Assurance Cell Funds Operations Manual, HEQEP
Institutional Quality Assurance Cell Operations Manual, HEQEP
AIF Sub-projects Abstract (Round1 & Round2)
Procurement Plan of HEQEP- Additional Financing
Sample Procurement plan
CP Format for TTO-W3 (3rd round)
Overview of HEQEP
Operations Manual for Academic Innovation Fund (Third Edition)
Debarment List of Bidders in Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)
Building Innovation Ecosystem
Indian Innovation Changing Landscape
Chemistry to Chemical Innovation
From Science to Scienceled Innovation: the CSIR Story
Building Innovation Eco-System in Bangladesh
Procurement Guideline for AIF sub projects
HEQEP Components

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