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Academic Innovation Fund (AIF)
About AIF
How AIF Works
Objectives of AIF
AIF Coverage
Eligibility for AIF Grant
Eligible Entities for Submitting Proposals
Proposal Submitting Disciplines/Subjects
AIF Effectiveness Condition
AIF Investment Windows
Indicative Sub-projects
AIF Allocation
Indicative Eligible Expenditure
No n-Eligible Expenditure
Performance Indicators
Proposal Submission Procedure
Formats for Submission of Proposals
Institutional Arrangements for Proposal Evaluation/Selection
Proposal Selection/Evaluation Period
Duration of AIF Sub-Projects
Performance Contract
Financial Management
Monitoring and Evaluation
Environment Management Framework
Project Implementing Authorities/Committees
UGC AIF Secretariat (UGCAIFS)
Area Review Panel (ARP)
Project Steering Committee (PSC)
Project Implementation Committee (PIC)
Performance Indicators

Performance indicators will be project specific and will be developed by the proposals preparatory team on the basis of the guide lines provided in the Operations Manual. Some examples are given bellow.

Teaching and Learning
Retention rate of first year students at the undergraduate level
Number of students per computer accessing the internet, data transmission and communication
Number of academic programs that are modernized
Investment in teaching and learning materials
Research and Post-graduate Programs
Number of enrolled doctoral students
Number of Ph.D. scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships
Investment in access to knowledge and information, and scientific/laboratory equipment and instrumentation
Number of publications in national and international refereed journals
Number of collaborative academic programs with foreign universities and with industries
Institutional Management
Percentage of allocated sub-projects successfully and satisfactorily implemented
Utilization rate of transferred resources by the universities according to the set criteria
Number of self-assessment exercises completed and satisfactorily done
Increased student satisfaction
Self Assessment
Number of self-assessment exercises that are satisfactorily completed and endorsed by the external peer reviewers/ validation reports
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