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Academic Innovation Fund (AIF)
About AIF
How AIF Works
Objectives of AIF
AIF Coverage
Eligibility for AIF Grant
Eligible Entities for Submitting Proposals
Proposal Submitting Disciplines/Subjects
AIF Effectiveness Condition
AIF Investment Windows
Indicative Sub-projects
AIF Allocation
Indicative Eligible Expenditure
No n-Eligible Expenditure
Performance Indicators
Proposal Submission Procedure
Formats for Submission of Proposals
Institutional Arrangements for Proposal Evaluation/Selection
Proposal Selection/Evaluation Period
Duration of AIF Sub-Projects
Performance Contract
Financial Management
Monitoring and Evaluation
Environment Management Framework
Project Implementing Authorities/Committees
UGC AIF Secretariat (UGCAIFS)
Area Review Panel (ARP)
Project Steering Committee (PSC)
Project Implementation Committee (PIC)
AIF Effectiveness Condition

The AIF grants will be effective subject to the establishment of a University Academic Innovation Fund Secretariat (UAIFS) at public universities and an Academic Innovation Fund Management Unit (AIFMU) at private universities with qualified manpower and logistics for undertaking financial management, procurement, monitoring and evaluation of sub-projects. Besides, each university shall have to establish a University Proposal Screening Committee (UPSC).
Formation of UAIFS/AIFMU
UAIFS/AIFMU will act as the secretariat for the management of AIF sub-project. The Director of Planning and Development or his/her equivalent will be the head of the UAIFS/AIFMU. Officials from finance, engineering and administration may be included in the Secretariat.
Providing secretarial services to the university authority, faculty staff and UPSC regarding administration of AIF sub-projects.
Facilitating Financial management of the sub-projects.
Help to performance monitoring and evaluation work of the sub-projects.
Submission of reports to the UGCAIFS on the physical and financial progress of work
Formation of UPSC
University Proposal Screening Committee (UPSC) will be constituted by the respective university authority, and be composed of the following:

The Chairperson will be selected by the university from the Deans. A maximum of 10 Deans/Directors will be the committee members. Head of UAIFS/AIFMU will act as its Secretary.
ToR for UPSC
Examine whether Preliminary Proposals (PPs) have been prepared properly following prescribed format and containing all required information/data.
Review the PPs according to the evaluation/selection criteria.
Review the Complete Proposals (CPs) on Self-assessment and University-wide Innovation.
Prepare a list of selected PPs and CPs with recommendations mentioning their achieved scores
Send the selected PPs and CPs to the UA1FS/AIFMU for further processing.
Time to time monitoring the activities of sub-projects.
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