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Component 2: Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS)
As an effective tool to support planning, monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the sector, a Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS) will be established. The HEMIS is a set of computer applications meant to (i) store data related to different managerial and academic aspects of the universities (student admissions, students' performance, curriculum, lectures, alumni, academic staff, students' social affairs, etc.), (ii) support administrative and managerial information flows, and (iii) provide institution management and various academic and non-academic departments with timely and reliable information.

University Grants Commission (UGC) now collects information through its various departments using questionnaires in hard copies from the universities. An integrated HEMIS with the universities can provide information instantaneously. UGC will lead the development of HEMIS and will be the �institutional home� for it. A HEMIS unit under UGC will be established to carry out all the tasks related to the system development and day-to-day operations.

Establishing HEMIS
HEMIS will be developed in two phases: a national level HEMIS (N-HEMIS) that will be used as a system-wide planning, monitoring and evaluation tool for decision makers at the national level; and a university level HEMIS (U-HEMIS) that will be used as a management tool for university officials at the institution level. The N-HEMIS and the U-HEMIS will be interlinked, and the data from the U-HEMIS will feed into the N-HEMIS. During the project life, the N-HEMIS will be fully implemented and the U-HEMIS will be piloted in a small number of universities and will include a small number of core modules such as information on students, faculty, and financing.

Phase 1: N-HEMIS
N-HEMIS will be developed in the first phase. It will serve as the central repository and monitoring system. The central database will be located at the UGC building. It will be entirely web-based. The system will be deployed in the form of a secured web site and will be served to the end users of the system through a web server. There will be two major parts of N-HEMIS: Intranet and Extranet.

The Intranet will be available only inside UGC premise. UGC management body and officials will be the user of the Intranet. A data collection module, internal data entry module, a monitoring module, and an intelligent decision-support system will be embedded in the Intranet part. Authenticated UGC users will log in to the Intranet by assigned user ID and password. System will check the privilege level of the user and thus will allow a user to the particular modules that he/she is authorized for viewing and manipulation.

Phase 2: Piloting U-HEMIS
U-HEMIS for each university will be developed in the second phase. Each university will have a separate U-HEMIS unit within the institution. It will contain relevant of information of each university. Each U-HEMIS will maintain and host a dedicated web page. Authorized users of each university and UGC will be able to log in and access to each U-HEMIS though Internet. U-HEMIS will have a local database where the university will insert specific information that will be fed into the N-HEMIS central data repository. U-HEMIS for one public and one private university will be developed simultaneously along with the N-HEMIS as a pilot project in order to observe and assess operational feasibility.

U-HEMIS will be deployed in the form of a secured Intranet-based web application and will only be available inside the university premise. Only privileged users will have access to the system. A customized web service will also be deployed which will collect necessary data and send through Internet to the N-HEMIS data repository. A strong encryption mechanism will be embedded in the web service for data security and secured data transmission through Internet. U-HEMIS will have a Data Entry Module, and a University wide Decision Support System that will help universities to monitor their status.
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